From: "Pat Hochberg" <>
Date: Mon Jun 2, 2003 2:04 pm
Subject: Failing to prepare is preparing to MD2020 write up.

And begin....

9:05, headed to Harper's Ferry...its raining...not too bad. Except I forgot
my gaiters...and my feet are getting wet. In fact, If I move my foot
around, I can feel the water sloshing around. Its amazing how well these
boots hold IN water...allI need is to toss in a few Goldfish...maybe an
Oscar to keep things interesting. I get to Harpers Ferry...(heres where I
WHINE...sorry Herr Rallybubba). The steps going up to the church are quite
unsafe...OSHA would have a field day with them. About 3/4's of the way
up...I trip on a step....go down..protecting my rally book like a running
back going in from the one yard line. Touchdown!!!!! I dont feel too much
like a dork...I did this in front of another rider and a young couple. Must
have been the 20 pounds of water I was lugging around in each boot. On to
Gerrardstown..I blow by the, my GPS is deadly accurate. I
go back. On to Three Churches. This ride was ok except for the
three...uhmm....rednecks riding my and another riders butt. Yes they were
in a pickup truck...and also my S&T routes had a couple of errors in them.
Cost a few minutes there. At 3 Churches....I see the sign for one of the
Churches...I pull over..I have to back up to read the sign for the name of
the Church. Once all info is recorded I look at my next set of directions
for Seneca Rocks. I need to go North on this road...My GPS is showing me
going south...need to turn around. 7 miles down the road I am not too is then that I realize that I am headed in the wrong direction,
my GPS showed south at the 3 churches stop cause I rolled backwards to read
the sign at the church....Insert some very foul words....So I lost 12
minutes for that major screw up...and 5 for the S&T problem...and I would
lose 3 or 4 more with another S&T issue...So for ha-ha's lets say 8 minutes
total. Why Only 8? (***You'll see why soon). Important feet
have dried out...and one Goldfish has commited Hari-Kari by impaling itself
on my pinky toenail. On to Seneca Rocks and Aurora...Awesome ride and
scenery...just awesome. Had a few sphincter checks coming down Cheating
Summit...but an awesome ride. 5:00 I had 3 hours to cover 100
miles. Easy right? Not for me...slow cars...25 mph zones through
towns...bad routing. And being a little tired...and not too smart...I
decide to go for New Vrindaban first. During last years rally I was stuck
in traffic for over 2.5 hours...and I did not have a contingency plan. This
year...its staring me right n the face..."Go to East Finley....GO TO EAST
Finley". But I hear "Palace of Gold...Palace of Gold..." So at 7:00 I
turn off.....I ask a local quickest way in to Krishna city on the dirt. He
tells me.."follow this down to the "T", make a left and ya'll have to cross
a crick". Wahoo...dirt road..gravel road...GS is loving
this...whoa...WHOA...downhill...gravel GS no longer loves
it....forgot to turn off ABS...."Down the mountain and through the Palace of Gold I go....". We have touchdown...on to the
crick...crick my butt...from the rain its a riv-ah. GS goes through very
nice...up to Krishna city...7:22 on to EAST Finley. At 8:07(***) I almost
crash in front of Georges house.....So.....kiss 900 something points out the
window. After spending some time with George, his family...and listening to
C-dogs tale of how he was once Barry Manilow's roadie, I hit the road. Now
my newly installed Hella's dont work..and I am not too happy with my GS
lights. On I 70 I decide to call it a day...all I think about was blowing
East Finley...and that my wife and 2 kids are in a warm hotel a mere 243
miles away. (This made my decision TOO EASY) they will never attend
another one of fact they came down because my wife's sister was
getting married on Sunday. So I head back...I kill a racoon on I 70...and I
met some interesting people on the way back. I met up with a pack of 8
riders from Detroit going to Rolling Thunder...I met some flat trackers at
another gas station. And I head back to the rain...feet are swimming
again...goldfish are happy.

The next day I turn in my paperwork....I dont realize till the results are
posted that the 7 minutes cost me a top ten finish.... after riding just 11
hours. oh well. you have to do the WHOLE finish well I had a great
time. The Bubba's put me on excellent excellent bonus locations.

Lessons learned? Walk, dont run up steps. Bring my gaiters... or fish
food. Double, triple and quadruple check my route. Throw my GPS out...get
a new one. Get a better paying job so I can afford new, really cool GPS.
Make sure my aux lights work. Bring lots of cash, that way if George
Fetsko asks.."if you give me a $100...I'll mark that you were here at 8:00",
that way I can pay him.

Only kidding George.

Congrats to the bubba's, staff and riders for another great (and safe)

Patrick Hochberg
Monroe NY