Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 20:49:35 EDT
Subject: LDRider: Don's Wingman at the MD 20/20


I too want to add my thanks to Rick, Louis and the rest of the
for another excellent rally. The level of effort to organize this
year's MD
20/20 was apparent to everyone who participated and included something
that I
think every novice LD rider should attend -- an endurance riding
seminar given by
Don Arthur. Don spoke on the evening before the start of the 24 Hour
and I think everyone who attended, regardless of their experience
thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.

His idea was not only to provide an informational overview of what LD
is about, but to actually lead a group of inexperienced rally riders on
route of their choosing. Unfortunately, his riding partner, Lori
Kobayashi, was
recently involved in an accident so she couldn't assist. Knowing first
the difficulty involved in leading a group by yourself (it turned out
to be
fortuitous that I couldn't secure a "kitchen pass" for the 48 hour
event), I
offered to be Don's "wingman" by riding sweep (and, I might add, giving
up the
winning route). ;-)

Anyone who's ever met Don before knows that he lives, eats and breaths
endurance riding. He is passionate about this sport. So it was only
natural that
he would volunteer his time to promote LD riding by leading,
cajoling and otherwise motivating a group of unknown riders over a 24+
period...even if it meant stopping for gas every 140 miles, spending
15-30 minutes
per gas/bonus stop, having one of the riders unceremoniously drop a
bike on his,
waiting for everyone to regroup at each toll plaza, and having to make
countless other unscheduled stops. And through it all, Don maintained
composure, humor and infectious enthusiasm. IMO, he also won by
helping each rider
successfully complete his/her first endurance rally as well as his/her
Saddlesore 1000 (he even bought everyone breakfast to celebrate THEIR

Don Arthur is truly a class act and an LD Dipomat of the First Order.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Shaw
Oak Hill, VA