Thanks to all who shared their tips in helping out my
friend with the BMW radiator leak. It was not, as i
thought, related to corrosion. We made it to York, PA
rearing to go for the 48 hour LD run last Thursday
evening. Friday we do the mileage calibration and as
we get back into the parking lot I see all these dark
spots on the tarmac. Following them I come to my
friend's BMW whose radiator is hemorrhaging rather
severely. Well, the only thing to do is go back to my
house and pick up the replacement used radiator we got
from Morton's in Fredericksburg ( I had three to
choose from all in various conditions - I chose the
one that looked the best). 370 miles later I am back
with said radiator and Andy has dissembled the bike
and found the cause of the leak. The radiator fan has
wore a hole in one of the coolant tubes. We try to
put the replacement radiator in and it doesn't fit.
Too wide and the wrong length. But, Geez, the parts
guy said it would fit! Well, now we are out of the 48
and trying to get into the 24. The only thing we got
left is JB Weld. We put it on and wait for Saturday
morning. It still looks damp around where the damage
was and we have very little confidence in the fix.
The places we would visit on the 24 would be very
remote. If it breaks again we feel we should be
somewhere civilized so we bow out of the 24 and limp
home. Back to Morton's where we look at the radiators
again. Found the right one this time (seems I chose
un-wisely) and will be putting that one it soon.
BMW's part list shows the one that I got is for a 97.
The one that works is for a 93. Andy has a 97. Go
figure. By the way, the JB Weld didn't leak a drop.
Its tops in my book.


Jim Sparkman
02 Concours (Shadowfax)
94 Voyager (Baby)
COG 5145 AMA 683784
"Send lawyers, guns, and money..." WZ