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Many thanks for a terrific rally! You and the many volunteers really put on a great show. The rally packs were greate, check-in/out was incredibly smooth, and the pullover shirts are wonderful.

I especially liked the light atmosphere - in great contrast to the rather somber aire in some venues. Rob Nye and I became even better friends - I've developed a commanding respect and admiration for him. Likewise, Lisa, Dean, Mike & Caroline, Paul, and so many others.

You were right... it was definitely a rider's rally. I must admit, I worked pretty hard and rode my ass off. Before the rally, my wife asked me "How long can you study those maps? Don't you know where you're supposed to go?" The short answers are: never enough study and you've gotta have contingency plans. Rob's route is a shining example of a contingency plan in action. I believe he'd originally intended to go to Eastport.

Best regards.... and many thanks for the incredible amount of work this took to put together in such a classy way!

See you at the Buckeye if not sooner!